Small Business for Over 23 Yrs.

Small Business Owner 

For 20 Yrs. I have been trying to keep business going. Website been up since 1999 Design with English and Spanish products. My husband was spanish that why site has spanish products add to. Owner of Personalized-Unique-Gifts, Small Business, Personalize Gifts I am Grandmother, Mother also Daughter and Sister. I design this site to be safe for my customers. Nothing is share by third party. I will not sale my information to no one. I want make sure my customer are safe to shop. I offer Free shipping for last 23 years. My bookkeeper think I am nuts for do this. BUT I am trying to keep business going. I even drop price to product's $5.00 less and now I am offer 10 % off for customers. to make sale. It's sad need to this but this is my income. Trying stay alive during bad time.